We design and build applications and cloud environments using AWS services

We do software development, applications and integrations. We also develop data processing systems and design system architectures.

We have achieved a significant milestone in our AWS partnership. We are currently AWS Advanced Consulting Partner which is a highly-valued status awarded after meeting rigorous requirements, including extensive experience in deploying customer solutions on AWS, a high level of expertise and a strong team of certified developers.  We build and offer:

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100 % in the cloud
We are a certified AWS partner

We have extensive experience in cloud services. We are also a certified AWS partner and consultant. We deliver needs analysis, development work, architecting solutions, and user support to our customers. We find the best technology solutions from the vast stack of AWS offerings and adapt them to your needs.

We design and build applications and environments

Do you need help in developing data processing systems or in getting your IT architecture in shape? Are you working on application or integration but have insufficient resources or knowledge is lacking in-house right now?


Smart integrations
Connect your services via AWS platform
Digital business and service development needs an integration platform that connects different systems. The platform develops from the designed system architecture and integration solutions. Integrations built with AWS connect data between systems and organizations.


Capitalize on data by bringing it to the cloud
AWS utilizes vast amounts of data which is the basis for analytics. Bringing data to the cloud will make it easier and faster to use regardless of place and time. With the gathered data we can improve services constantly, making the cloud environment meet business needs.
Cloud enablement
Speed up service development
Using cloud services makes it possible to be flexible without massive investments in servers. Serverless technology makes for a cost-effective, scalable and smooth continuous development. In addition, administration and updates are less time-consuming because AWS handles the underlying infrastructure.


Utilize modern IT benefits
Our design standpoint is to make use of the advantages of modern IT in companies by using AWS cloud services. Using experts saves time because every case is different. The main design points are ease of use, agile implementation and testing.

Advantages of continuous development
We use agile methods in our application development. We make use of existing data to develop applications to be part of businesses' IT architecture.
At the core of the solutions are modern development practices that enable quick releases to market. Customer feedback adjusts further development down the line.
Continuous service
Faster development
Serverless solutions can be developed with virtually limitless capacity. One strength of a serverless application is the possibility of doing A/B testing with different development versions. Making continuous and versatile use of development environments supports your business.
Skillwell has been proactive, flexible and dependable with excellent expertise. They have done what has been promised and even more.
Mika Rajanen, CIO/CDO

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless service offering from AWS. Serverless means that all the underlying infrastructure is taken care of by AWS.
We can run our code without doing any management of servers from our end.
AWS Lambda is a cost-effective service where you pay only for usage. Using a cost calculator on the AWS Lambda pricing page makes it possible to check how much AWS Lambda costs in various scenarios.
Skillwell has the experience and know-how on various use cases with this AWS service.

Amazon DynamoDB

Fast and flexible NoSQL database managed service offering from AWS. This is usually our database of choice in serverless solutions that we deploy.
Low-latency data access having single-digit millisecond performance at any scale makes a compelling choice. It can be made even faster (microsecond latency) by using DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) which is a fully managed in-memory cache.
DynamoDB automatically scales tables for optimal performance. It also features availability and fault tolerance in its design meaning that we don’t need to architect these capabilities in our solutions.

Serverless solutions

Developers do not need to worry about infrastructure. There is also less administrative effort and time expenditure for these solutions.

Skillwell has its Serverless stack with which we can start developing solutions quickly. We can make multiple copies of the development environment and take advantage of continuous development.

We make use of the AWS Lambda service when we are building modern digital services for our customers.
The product go-to-market is quick. There is the possibility for A/B testing with different development versions.

Our practice fuses our long-term experience and continuous self-improvement. We have decades worth of expertise and we keep improving daily. This way we can guarantee that our customers will have the best solutions for different situations.

Effective and honest communication. Great AWS knowledge and are able to suggest good solutions based on our specific needs and use cases. Good flexibility in the work.
Global gaming company

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