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Date: 5.9.2019
Place: Maria 01
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Is your company searching for software developers? Or are you looking to dive into the world of AWS cloud-based solutions? Perhaps you need help in building a digital service?

Book a free 45-minute consultation with us on 5.9.2019
to discuss your needs and to see how Skillwell's solutions would fit your needs.

After the consultation you have the opportunity to continue the discussion with a two hour workshop to:

Define clear goals
Help you choose the right technology solutions
Get a rough estimate of the implementation and timetable for the project
*The two hour workshop is free until 1.10.2019.

What we offer:

IT consulting:

Helping you choose the best solutions for your business

IT professionals:

Find the right IT professionals through us

AWS cloud services:

We make your business more cost effective and scalable with smart technology solutions

What's in it for me?

We’ll help you find software developers with expertise you need, choose the right technologies, build the digital services you need and help in management and operation of services.

Book a 45 minute meeting with our experts.
Free of charge.
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Sirkku Jauhiainen
Sirkku Jauhiainen
Head of Sales & Marketing 50 5710 439
Juha-Tapio Teno
Juha-Tapio Teno
Head of Cloud Services 40 777 8419