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Small company, big muscles - that’s how we are most often perceived. Our mission is to be a trusted IT partner for our customers, and to help develop and grow our customers businesses with smart technology. Skillwell was founded in 2018. Our 10 person team of skilled professionals can be found in our offices both in Jyväskylä and Helsinki.

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Services for remote work

In times where VPN traffic and video conference services are overloaded, there needs to be an alternative that will allow all of us to work remotely. Thanks to Amazon WorkSpaces we can help you set up remote work capabilities for your company with virtual desktops that do all the heavy lifting in the cloud.

Connecting to your organization’s resources is easy since only one VPN connection is required to connect from Amazon WorkSpaces to your team’s internal resources.

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Do you need help in developing your digital solutions? Does your technology architecture need overhauling? Are you working on an app or an integration, but at the moment don’t have the resources or skills in-house? No Matter what kind of a development process or ICT-service is needed, we can help you.

We love, and recommend our customers to utilise higher level AWS Services. Building with CloudFormation is the foundation that we use to build services for our customers.

AWS Lambda is at the core of building modern digital solutions for our customers. Contact us for more information.

AWS cloud services

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“In all joint projects, whether it is between us and our customers, or with us and Skillwell, there is one significant word - Trust. The trust either is there, or it isn't, and between us and Skillwell, it is. In that case, it is easy to make a purchase and trust that everything will go as planned.”

– Ari Aarniovuori, Service Manager at Admicom
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We are a Select Consulting Amazon Web Services Partner and a solution provider. We have loads of experience in cloud services and we are a certified AWS companion and consultancy company. We deliver our customers preliminary analysis, development, architectural assessments and customer support. We find the best technology solutions from AWS services and help you to deploy them and take them to everyday use.

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