How to take advantage of an international tech team in development of digital services


Sirkku Jauhiainen

Do you feel skeptical about outsourcing international IT services? In this podcast Sirkku Jauhiainen from Skillwell and Piotr Wrzalik from Unity Group discuss the issues surrounding this problem.

I had a chance to talk about this with Piotr, and also record the conversation! At Skillwell we have met many business and IT leaders who are skeptical about using international tech teams. Why? Well, the concerns are real and genuine and we have to openly discuss about them. And the best way is to talk to our partner Piotr from Unity Group, and ask him the same questions our customers ask us. 

The most common questions what I usually hear:

  1. How effective is it to use an international tech team?

  2. How do we ensure that the scope stays clear all the time till the end of the project?

  3. What are the benefits of using an international tech team?

Listen to the podcast, if you want to know the answers to the questions and learn to know Piotr. He is a man who has over 20 years of experience on e-commerce and omnichannel commerce solutions. In the beginning he was a developer, and now he helps companies to grow their businesses internationally, without limits. He understands the technology challenges, knows how to solve them and also knows how to add business value. He is a forward-thinker with tech at his heart. 

Check out the Podcast:

If there were something we didn't go through in the Podcast, please feel free to contact us and we will happily try to help. 

For me the most important outcomes of the podcast were: 

  1. We are all the same, no matter where we sit, what our mother tongue is or culture.


    Today we have the right equipment, what makes communication and working together easy from where ever. This makes it possible to use real talents, and learn from each other. 

  2. IT partner who have a wide range of different kinds of talents and strong knowledge in technology - that is what matters.


    The world is changing and it is not possible to know deeply about the newest technologies, if it is not your core business. You must focus on what you know best, your core business. The trend is that IT outsourcing companies become genuine partners for companies. 

  3. IT partners must understand your business goals and add value to your business

    . Communication must be clear, honest and partner must openly bring new ideas.

We proudly work cooperation with Unity Group, and this is how we can help you: 

  1. Start fast: You get senior level software developers with expertise you need

  2. We help to choose the right technologies for your business

  3. We help to build the digital services you need 

  4. It is easy to scale up and down your teach team

  5. You get a partner who really cares about you and your business

Got interested?

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