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Our team of experts will develop reliable, scalable, and efficient SaaS solutions using the AWS infrastructure. Our solutions are designed and built to meet all of your unique needs. We will help you to grow your business with SaaS solutions.


“The collaboration between Skillwell and MyHomesID has been effective. The collaboration is based on Skillwell's strong expertise in software and services development.”

Jari Ahde

MyHomesID Product owner

All of our services are built on an AWS - globally trusted infrastructure

  • AWS Serverless Services enables you to automatically build solutions that scale globally
  • Our SaaS solutions are cost-effective thanks to automatic scalability
  • AWS Serverless Services guarantee powerful and capable SaaS software
In service development, the design of the solution focuses on the following areas


Cost optimization

Operational capability


Cloud performance


How we operate


We discuss ideas, incentives and implementation with the customer during the design and implementation phases. Discussing the goals also leads to a common understanding between us and the client about the needs of the published MVP.


We produce validated products for the development phase as well as a preliminary plan for the design. The end results are products that developers can utilize in their development work.


Production of a published MVP implementation with subsequent refinement in accordance with the principles and processes of agile development.


Santtu Sarlin

Creating digital services is not just about listing and coding features. Business planning, customer focus and superior service usability are at the heart of the entire digital product development process.

Collaboration with MyHomesID

The MyHomesID service solves a major challenge for residents, shareholders and property owners: how to manage their daily lives. Thanks to the excellent scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of AWS services, numerous global companies building SaaS companies have ended up using AWS services. The MyHomesID service also makes extensive use of AWS services. The collaboration between MyHomesID and Skillwell began a couple of years ago with an AWS-related consultation. The collaboration has now expanded to a close ongoing collaboration through Skillwell’s AWS SaaS Development Service. In the service model, MyHomesID provides all the expertise needed to create SaaS services. Our solution works for both those customers who have an idea or vision about the service, and those customers who need help scaling the service globally.


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