What is UI/ UX and how does it influence your business success?


Miika Pollari

Do you know how users interact with your application? Is your website fast and efficient? The first thing the user pays attention to is how comfortable and smooth it is to be on your site or use your application and only then the user begins to get acquainted with your offer in more detail. Skillwell expert Miika explains why every business needs UX/UI refinement.

What is UX/UI

UI/UX design plays an important role in achieving business goals as it enhances the user experience. As a result it leads to more time spent on and more traffic to the website or mobile app, which lead to higher conversion rates.

UX design answers the question “Why?”

UX or user experience is the user's feeling when using your resource. The main task of UX design is to take into account all the details of the user experience from the convenience of filling out forms to the intuitive structure of sections. How smooth and streamlined the process of using your service is curated to the user can make or break its success.

UI design answers the question “How?”

UI or user interface is anything that helps people manage programs and devices. That is why one of the main tasks of a UI designer is to determine how visually convenient and accessible a site or application is, whether the text is easy to read and to make the user's interaction with the service effective.

Thus, we can say that UX design is the creation of an interface according to the analysis of user experience and behavior and UI design is the visualization of the interface that was developed based on the analysis and research of the user experience of the target audience.

How does UI/UX affect business success?

Modern websites or applications are built according to the user's expectations. That's why nowadays it’s important to understand that the way a user perceives your site or application is how they will relate to your product. When your website or app is user-friendly and helps users solve their problems easily and quickly, users will come back to you more often and be much more willing to pay for your services. Therefore, the result of good UI/UX design is seen in a steady flow and an increase in the loyalty of your customers, therefore an increase in your company's profits.

When is it time to update your interface? 

A business can't ignore the features and trends of modern design. Therefore, it is important to keep the outdated interface up to date. There are several key metrics when determining whether updating interface design is needed:

  • The interface design was created over 3-5 years ago. An outdated interface will negatively impact user trust and push them towards more modern sites of your competitors.

  • Loading speed. Slow loading makes it uncomfortable for the user to interact with the interface. It is important for the user to quickly find the answer to their question and see the offer for the service.

  • Low conversion rate. Changing the interface will highlight the benefits of your particular offer for customers.

  • Smoothness. Animations are a great way to enhance the user experience to make it seem faster and visually appealing. Especially in the age where many of the users are using their phones, an instant visual representation of their actions is proven to make the service seem faster.

  • Accessibility. Many services lack accessibility features, which excludes a significant portion of potential users. Taking into account accessibility features for example for visually or physically impaired users is important.

  • Bugs need to be fixed.  This includes graphic optimization, simplification of navigation, and similar elements that significantly affect traffic.

  • If you have been thinking about new features and the implementation of new technologies. The web development industry is rapidly evolving, constantly providing new opportunities to keep and attract customers to your site.

  • New services and business directions have appeared. Any project during its development is constantly faced with changes. Such changes will always require a revision of the concept and interface format.

How do we do it in Skillwell

An interface update doesn't mean your service was a failure. This only indicates that the new interface will be modern enough to satisfy the current needs of a new client who is not familiar with your business.

Services with outdated interfaces are unable to keep up with modern and intuitive understanding interfaces because they no longer look attractive to new customers and gradually lose old ones.

To create products and services that both the customer and its users like,  at Skillwell we are constantly improving processes and increasing our competencies. Therefore, we quickly dive into the client's goals and needs and effectively solve them.

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