AWS Architect
Dev Ops

Certified AWScloud platform professional

Competence areas:

- Microservices architecture with reactive AWS Lambda functions
- Recommended High Availability (HA) practices with AWS technologies
- Highly automated DevOps operating model, incl. Comprehensive IT infrastructure management with CloudFormation scripts and continuous software code integration and delivery with AWS CodeBuild and Amazon CodePipeline
- Docker container technology, e.g. Elastic capacity management for Docker-based services using Amazon's Elastic Container Service and Elastic Load Balancer.
- Amazon's S3 cloud storage service and its features, license management, versioning, lifecycle management, archiving layers, leveraging the global CDN network for file sharing and storage
- Extensive use of the DynamoDB NoSQL database
- Versatile use of the Amazon Cloudfront CDN service
- Receive and process IoT data with Amazon Kinesis
- Using Amazon Cognito for Cost-Effective and Scalable User Management (JWT Based)
- Building AWS based dataleke solutions

- API design and implementation using the Amazon API Gateway
- Relational databases maintained by AWS with Amazon Relational Database Service
- Web application development, nowadays mainly with Angular 6+ frame structure
- Flux architecture, especially NgRx Store (centralized space for Angular applications)
- Material Design Format for UI Implementation (Angular Material)
- TypeScript in all JavaScript implementations (Angular, NodeJS)
- Progressive Web App Mobile Web App (Angular / PWA)

AWS certificates:

- Solution Architect Professional

- DevOps Engineer Professional

- Developer Associate

- Solution Architect Associate

- SysOps Administrator Associate

- Machine Learning Specialty

Work experience

- Cloud Architect, 2017 - -
- Software Architect, 2007 - 2016
- Software developer, integration specialist, 1998 - 2006

- Entrepreneur, 2005 --

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